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Launch Event

Thursday 2nd August 5-7pm

 For the Thermavisage, Radio Frequency, Vacuum Suction and Chromatherapy Face and Body Treatments.

Come and join us for our launch evening, we will have live demonstrations, expert advice and great savings

on treatments and products and of course champagne and nibbles.


Radio Frequency combined with vacuum suction and LED light therapy combined is a great alternative to Botox.                                                  

It stimulates the body’s own production of collagen and is an effective way of long term skin tightening, lifting,                                          

contouring and reducing stubborn, compacted areas of fat and cellulite. For best results a course of six is recommended.                                          


This treatment is a favourite with celebrities such as Amanda Holden, Kylie Minogue and Mel B to get that really youthful                                        appearance without the frozen botox look!

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