Hand & Foot Treatments

Hand & Foot Treatments

Jesica Nails Treatments

Jessica Nails is considered a world leading brand, with a range of products to help you achieve and maintain naturally beautiful nails.

Normal polish will take a while to fully dry. This polish can be removed at home with normal nail polish remover.

Gel polish is dried instantly under a LED light. The polish will last 2-3 weeks. The polish is best when removed by your therapist or you can take a home removal kit and your therapist will explain the procedure.

Caflon Ear Piercing

Caflon is a UK designed quality ear piercing system.
We offer gold plated, white stainless steel or titanium earrings.

Your therapist will explain the procedure in full, advise you of the aftercare and provide you with a bottle of natural aftercare solution. Minimum Age 10 years.